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BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures

HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosures

  • System dan features : Hot plug redundant standard
  • Form factor : 6U
The HP BladeSystem c3000 Platinum Enclosure brings unique capabilities to HP BladeSystem. The c3000 is ideal for: 1) Small offices or remote sites that have limited to no IT staff.

2) Applications requiring up to eight servers per enclosure. 3) Locations that have limited rack power and cooling capacity.

4) Data centers requiring power connections to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or 100-120V AC wall outlets. Similar to the c7000 enclosure, the Intelligent Management through the Onboard Administrator gives you complete control of your c3000 bladed infrastructure.

Each c3000 enclosure repackages the moving parts of your infrastructure cables, power supplies and fans, networking, and redundancy. The economical HP c3000 solution includes useful features that save you time, hassles, and energy, while making change quick and easy.

The result— greater convenience during setup, maintenance, and daily operations.

Simple to Manage, Easy to Control
The HP BladeSystem c3000 Platinum Enclosure goes beyond just servers. It integrates server, storage (NAS or iSCSI), networking, power/cooling, and management into a single solution that can be deployed anywhere.

The intelligent infrastructure support including Power Discovery Services allow the enclosure to communicate information to HP Intelligent PDUs (iPDU) to automatically track enclosure power connections to the specific iPDU outlet to ensure redundancy and prevent downtime.

With the Onboard Administrator, iLO remote management, and HP Insight Control you can manage your servers and take complete control regardless of the state of the server operating system.

Easy setup and management using tools you’re used to, such as a local DVD drive for SmartStart software deployment, and a local KVM interface for local rack-based KVM integration.

Change Ready IT That Can Grow and Flex with your needs
Pre-wired and pre-configured, the c3000 Platinum Enclosure can easily implement a new server blade, simply as just plugging it in.

Support for G1 to Gen9 server blades provides investment protection throughout the life span of the enclosure.

HP Insight Control offers essential infrastructure management that unlocks the management capabilities built into HP ProLiant servers. Insight Control delivers powerful capabilities that enable one to proactively manage ProLiant server health either physical or virtual.

Virtual Connect architecture delivers wire once, and then add, replace, or recover blades on the fly without impacting networks and storage or creating extra steps.

Reduce Up-front Capital and Ongoing Management Costs

Costs less than equivalent rack-mounted servers (at 3 servers or more)

Use up to 94% less cables and 40% less space when compared to equivalent 1U rack mount servers

Deploy anywhere with a choice of UPSs, PDUs and 100-120V AC low-line wall outlet power, as well as a options for 200-240V AC high-line and -48V DC power.

HP Thermal Logic technologies combine energy-reduction technologies- such as 80 PLUS certified, 94% efficient HP Platinum Power Supplies- with pinpoint measurement and control through Dynamic Power Capping, to save energy and allocate power and cooling resources more efficiently.

c3000 and c7000 enclosure compatibility with many of the same critical components such as servers, interconnects, mezzanine cards, and storage blades.

System fan features
Hot plug redundant standard.

Form factor

BladeSystems supported
Yes, please reference the QuickSpecs for details

Management features
Redundant Onboard Administrator – LAN and serial access
optional HP Insight Control.

Power availability
Hot plug, N+1 and N+N redundancy. Please reference the QuickSpecs for various power options and requirements.

What’s included
Varies by model, please reference the QuickSpecs for details. Key options include HP ProLiant and Integrity Server Blades, storage and other expansion blades, networking and storage interconnect modules, hot plug power supplies, hot plug HP Active Cool Fans, redundant Onboard Administrator module, and HP Insight Control management software.

Product differentiator
c3000 enclosure holds up to 8 server and/or storage blades plus redundant network and storage interconnects. It includes a shared, multi-terabit high-speed mid-plane for wire-once connectivity of server blades to network and shared storage. Power is delivered through a pooled power backplane that ensures the full capacity of the redundant hot-plug power supplies is available to all blades.

3/3/3 – The warranty includes three years of parts, three years of labor, three years of onsite support coverage. Additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support

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